Creating the Future of Beauty Together

We see beauty everywhere. We have for
generations. And we want to preserve that
beauty for generations to come.

Inspired by our founder, Mrs. Estée Lauder,
we are passionate about representing and
serving women around the world, wherever
and whomever they may be. That means
a commitment to developing products that
are of the highest quality and performance,
while also being responsible, trustworthy,
and giving back to our community.

The health and safety of our global Estée Lauder community is paramount. Our exceedingly
high standards drive us to review and reassess all of the products we put out
into the world—from the ingredients we will and will not formulate with to the packaging that
earns its place in your beauty routine. Since 1946, we’ve been a leader in product development
that is rooted in the best beauty performance and conscientious chemistry. We measure
our success not only by our own leading safety standards, but by ensuring we meet or exceed
the ever-evolving requirements of governmental, regulatory and scientific bodies worldwide,
in addition to our customers’ evolving preferences.

Our mission will always be to bring the best to everyone we touch and to support the environment
in which we live. As the namesake brand of The Estée Lauder Companies, here is what we are doing
today and tomorrow for a more sustainable future.

Ingredient Transparency

We list all of our products’ ingredients on their respective
product pages on, and, where applicable,
any ingredients our products are “free from.”
Additionally, we now have an Ingredient Glossary with
key high-performance ingredients and their skin benefits
in order to further educate you about our products.

Sustainable Packaging

By 2025, 75-100% of our packaging will meet at least
one of the “5 Rs”: recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled
or recoverable. In achieving this goal, we will increase the
amount of post-consumer recycled material in our packaging
by up to 50%. We are also eliminating extraneous cartons
and paper around and within our products wherever
possible. Our ambition is to have 100% of our forest-based fiber
cartons FSC-certified by 2025.

Responsible Sourcing

We source ingredients and materials from around the world to create
our products, and we collaborate with a wide and diverse network of
suppliers. As such, we work diligently to source ingredients responsibly
and with attention to potential impacts on people and environment.
In doing so, we aim to continuously improve and strengthen our sourcing
practices while remaining sensitive to the local communities in which
we operate. Our policies and programs embody our deeply held values
and longstanding heritage of responsibility.

Energy & Emissions

In 2020, the Estée Lauder Companies achieved NetZero1
carbon emissions and sourced 100% renewable electricity
globally for direct business operations. Our company has
also met its goal to set science-based emissions reduction
targets for Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions2, positioning us to take
even more decisive action against climate change. Additionally,
The Estée Lauder Companies installed a 4,224-panel solar
array at our Long Island, New York manufacturing and R&D
facilities, and executed a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement for
22 megawatts of wind power from a wind farm in Oklahoma,
which will cover more than half of the company’s global
electricity footprint with renewable energy technologies.


We strive to meet the needs of women of all ages, ethnicities,
and backgrounds, and we have several ongoing programs
and grants focused on the pillars of health and education that
impact the wellbeing of millions of individuals around the world.
As part of The Estée Lauder Companies, our parent company’s
commitment to the Breast Cancer Campaign has raised more
than $89 million to support global research, education, and
medical services. The Estée Lauder Brand is also passionate about
supporting women at the intersection of beauty and technology.
Through a partnership with our global spokesmodel and Brand
Ambassador Karlie Kloss and her nonprofit organization
Kode With Klossy, we sponsor their annual coding camps and
have provided internship opportunities for alumni.

In 2020, the Estée Lauder Brand began a partnership with the
NAACP Legal Defense Fund in support of the Black Lives Matter
movement, and we are and will continue to advocate and make
changes to our internal culture, provide professional development
opportunities to our Black employees, and establish a more
representative workforce.

1The NetZero carbon emissions commitment covers ELC direct business operations (Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions).
2For science-based target goals, the base year is fiscal 2018 and completion year is fiscal 2030.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Estée Lauder offsets the carbon emissions from shipping for every Netherlands Home Delivery order placed on*

Learn More

*Estee Lauder is providing funding to the Doe Mountain Improved Forest Management Project to offset CO2e emissions
from deliveries made from our Estée Lauder Netherlands fulfillment center to our consumers' home delivery
addresses (excludes buy online and pickup in store and same-day delivery).